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DermSource is a GPO serving pharmacies across the nation with a purchasing platform exclusively dedicated to dermatology products.

DermSource and its members stand together fighting price hikes and marginalization of the middle market pharmacy, to achieve improved profitability and advance the pharmacy’s ability to serve its customers for the best possible healthcare outcomes.

When we started DermSource we decided we weren’t going to sit at our desks and live in a virtual world. We want to meet, get to know, and interact with our members – face to face.

As you know from my first blog, it began with the annual NCPA show in Boston at the Hynes. That was great. We met pharmacists from all over the country, a few from overseas, and lots of students. LOTS of students! We then visited Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and New Jersey Pharmacists Associations.

By mid-November, we understood quite a bit. That all independent pharmacists are faced with the same challenges and interested in outcomes about the same issues – What is the future status of mergers and acquisitions of PBMs and insurance companies? How will that affect my pharmacy? Fair pharmacy reimbursement for Medicaid programs? Etc. etc.

The question is “Where do we go from here?” The answer is we go on and we look for innovative and creative ways to do business. After all, this is America and Americans evolve with the times, regardless of roadblocks and change. Let’s go back to the shows – there were lots and lots of students training to become pharmacists. Some of them will be entrepreneurs and open their own pharmacies. Let’s insure that they have a future. Join us in thinking outside the box.




Yuriy Davydov, Pharm D.
Founder & CEO

Your Dermatology GPO.

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