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DermSource is a GPO serving pharmacies across the nation with a purchasing platform exclusively dedicated to dermatology products.

DermSource and its members stand together fighting price hikes and marginalization of the middle market pharmacy, to achieve improved profitability and advance the pharmacy’s ability to serve its customers for the best possible healthcare outcomes.

These are demanding times for independent pharmacies and their customers. The cost of doing business is rising and the stakes are getting higher. Both parties suffer from reimbursement issues, whether it’s related to Medicaid, PBMs, or patient copays. The cost of doing business is going in one direction, up.

I spoke to a pharmacist who shared, ”My customer couldn’t afford the medication they needed, so I gave it to them for free. How can you look someone in the eye and deny them what they need to feel better?” Another pharmacist commented, “I have customers that I have been helping for years. They count on me. Things must change. I have to feed my family too.”These are all real-life stories.

We can survive reimbursement issues, but we must stand together. That’s what the big guys are doing. They’re merging, and their combined power is what gives them leverage. We can do the same thing. We ARE doing the same thing. We need to improve the bottom line and DermSource members have the buying power to do just that. The larger our membership base the more buying power we will have. Just like the big guys.



Yuriy Davydov, Pharm D.
Founder & CEO

Your Dermatology GPO.

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