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DermSource is a GPO serving pharmacies across the nation with a purchasing platform exclusively dedicated to dermatology products.

DermSource and its members stand together fighting price hikes and marginalization of the middle market pharmacy, to achieve improved profitability and advance the pharmacy’s ability to serve its customers for the best possible healthcare outcomes.

Category: Pharmacy Insights

What is a Dermatology GPO

I mentioned in my first blog that it was a surprise to me that some owners of independent pharmacies didn’t know what a GPO was. I think it’s worth explaining – literally ($). GPO stands for a Group Purchasing Organization. There are all kinds of GPOs. Some represent groups that purchase hospital supplies, building and ... read more

The Beat Goes On…

When we started DermSource we decided we weren’t going to sit at our desks and live in a virtual world. We want to meet, get to know, and interact with our members – face to face. As you know from my first blog, it began with the annual NCPA show in Boston at the Hynes. ... read more

Surviving Reimbursements

These are demanding times for independent pharmacies and their customers. The cost of doing business is rising and the stakes are getting higher. Both parties suffer from reimbursement issues, whether it's related to Medicaid, PBMs, or patient copays. The cost of doing business is going in one direction, up. I spoke to a pharmacist who ... read more

Independent Pharmacies Seeking “Safe Harbor”

Recap of NCPA 2018 – October 7-9 – Boston Hynes Convention Center While exhibiting at the NCPA 2018 Annual Convention this year we observed a change in the air. A certain tension among Pharmacists representing independent pharmacies who were listening at a heightened level of interest to new opportunities and alternative ways to do business. ... read more